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Pear Varieties

All pears are on OHxF97 rootstock.  Will be 10-14 feet tall in maturity.

Bartlett (European) - A large, heavy-bearing variety, with excellent quality. Long considered one of the top canning varieties. A favorite for all uses. Its skin is yellow blushed with brownish red, pyriform in shape. Ripens off the tree. Can keep up to 3 months. Ripens mid-August to mid-September. Zone 5-8.

Bosc (European) - The Bosc Pear is medium to large, dark yellow fruit with brownish russeted skin and a long, gourd-shaped neck. It is aromatic, juicy, firm texture, smooth textured and white fleshed with a rich, slightly acid flavor that is great for eating, baking and drying. Can keep up to 6 months Tree is upright, hardy and productive. Ripens early to mid-October. Zone 4-9.

Colette – Waxy yellow skin with pink cheeks. Sweet, juicy, firm white flesh is smooth textured and free of grit. Rich, aromatic, spicy flavor. Keeps blooming and setting fruit from August until frost. Bartlett size. Zones 4-8.

Flemish Beauty (European) - Large, roundish and uniform in size and shape. Reddish blushed color on a clear yellow skin. The yellowish-white flesh is firm, but tender. It is an excellent dessert quality which is aromatic, well-balanced, rich flavor. Good for fresh fruit and drying. Strong growing, productive, very hardy and an early and heavy producer. Very winter-hardy.Precocious and productive. Ripens mid-September to early October. Zone 3-8.

Magness – Giant Seckel x Comice. Medium size, short, oval, greenish yellow fruit with dark spots and light russet. Tough skin reduces insect damage and contributes to long storage life. Soft, juicy flesh is almost free of grit cells. Sweet flavor and high quality. May take six years to come into bearing. Does not produce good pollen. Matures in early September. Zones 5-9.

Italian Pear (European) - Bartlett-shaped, sweet fruit with a wonderful melting texture. Skin is yellow with a lovely red blush. Tree is vigorous and is high-yielding. Ripens two weeks before Bartlett – Early August.

Olympic (Asian) - This is a round, large, heavily russeted brown Asian pear which has a crisp, juicy sweet taste. This variety is slightly more winter hardy than most Asian varieties. Has long term storage. The tree is vigorous and upright. Winter Hardy Ripens in the month of October. Zone 4-9.

Seckel – (Honey Pear) Commonly called Sugar Pear. Not very pretty, but a connoisseur’s delight. Small, yellowish brown fruit with pale russet and russet red cheek. Fine grained, smooth, extremely sweet and very juicy flesh. Excellent dessert pear. Self-fertile but benefits from cross-pollination, but not with Bartlett. Ripens during September. Zones 5-9.

Spartlett (European) - An improved Bartlett with fruit at least one-third larger. Smooth, green skin turning yellow after storage. Flesh is aromatic, somewhat grainy and slightly fibrous. Tree is hardy. Ripens 10 days after Bartlett. Ripens late August to late September. Zone 4-9.